Our Program

Program Mission Statement

The Liko A‛e Native Hawaiian Leadership Program is committed to serving Native Hawaiian students pursuing higher education by providing scholarships, mentoring services, internship opportunities and counseling support. Liko A‛e provides guidance through the values of kūpono, mālama, ‛ohana, lōkahi, and 'imi na‛auao to bring forth a student's leadership potential to contribute positively to Ka Lāhui Hawai‛i.

Program Description

Liko A‛e Native Hawaiian Leadership Program is focused on building Hawaiian leaders in communities throughout Hawai‛i and the continental U.S. Participating scholars will collaborate in mentoring, community capacity building, and service-related activities connecting them with Native Hawaiian scholars and leaders throughout the country. The Program thus is answering the call to support the evolving needs of our scholars and the Hawaiian community at large.

Liko A‛e has built a strong, positive reputation among Hawaiian communities as a leader in awarding higher education scholarships to Native Hawaiians. The Program has joined forces with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to provide student scholars with access to a wide range of professional and community service opportunities through our many joint local and national partnerships, and is determined to help strengthen Hawai'i's communities while building the strengths of its scholars and leaders.

We look to our past, projecting the images of our leaders into the present, as we seek to provide guidance for our scholars and their communities. The Program invites student scholars to join us, step forth and gain knowledge along the path of our ancestors. Through seeing, hearing, touching, caring, listening, thinking, learning and reasoning, our scholars develop the essential qualities of a mature individual who can become a true asset to the Hawaiian community.

E ho‛ola Lāhui Hawai‛i!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be of Hawaiian Ancestry
  • Be a resident of Hawai‛i or U.S. Continent
  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student
  • Be enrolled at least part-time
  • Attend an accredited 2 or 4 year college or a vocational education program
  • Meet the minimum GPA requirement
    • 2.0 undergraduate students
    • 3.0 graduate students
  • Demonstrate financial need or academic merit

Required Documentation

  • Proof of ancestry
  • 2015-2016 FAFSA Student Aid Report
  • Digital copy of an Official Transcript
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