Apply Now

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT WAIT to do your online application, order your official transcripts, complete your 2015 -2016 FAFSA and/or apply for the OHA Hawaiian Registry card. Please give yourself time just in case you encounter any problems or issues. The May 1, 2015 4:00 PM deadline is a firm due date.

NOTE: As a scholarship applicant, it is your responsibility to make sure that the documents you submit are complete, accurate, and readable. Documents that do not meet all three criteria will be rejected and your application will be considered incomplete.

Step 1: Register an Account

Register an account with Liko A'e. You will need to complete the Your Account and Your Profile forms with your name, birth date, and email address. You will also create your own password. Only register once, if you already have an account you can simply sign in.

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

Prepare your essay responses.

We recommend typing your essay in a word processing program and saving it. This will enable you to easily copy and paste your response when you reach the essay section of the online application. Also, keep in mind that members of our Native Hawaiian Community will be reading your essays so please spend some time making sure you submit your best work and answer the question being asked.

  1. What are the key values to which a Hawaiian leader must be committed? Why are these values important to the Hawaiian community? (250 words max)
  2. Identify someone you see as a Hawaiian leader and describe why their values are important to you. Which traits of theirs will you strive to emulate as you become a leader in your community? (250 words max)

Prepare your documents to be uploaded to your application as digital files.

  • A readable, valid, digital copy of your OHA Hawaiian Registry Card or Birth Certificate stating Hawaiian ancestry. Note: to be eligible for OHA & US DOE funds please submit an OHA Registry Card. If you chose to submit a birth certificate you will be eligible for US DOE funding only
  • A readable, digital copy of your 2015-2016 Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR is generated when a student completes their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The SAR Report is a multiple page document available in PDF format from the FAFSA website.
  • A readable, digital copy of your most recent Official Transcript. Please request any transcripts that apply to you. The official transcript needs to include a cumulative grade point average.
    • Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students must request official transcripts that cover all credit courses including the most recently completed term.
    • Applicants not currently enrolled in college must request an official transcript from the last institution they attended (i.e. high school graduates, students starting or returning to college).
    • Applicants who earned a GED and have never attended college must submit proof of completing a GED Program

Note: If your transcript document is more than 1 page you will need to combine all pages into one file.

You may only upload a single document for each category of document. If your document is multiple pages it must be submitted as a single document. Only PDF, Image files (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF) are accepted.

Step 3: Complete Online Application

Sign in using the e-mail address and password you supplied in Step 1. You may save, continue, and complete your application at any time during the open application process. Before submitting your application please carefully review your application for errors

After you click submit you will be sent an email and directed to your application status page. Remember to check your email right away (including your junk email folder in the event the message arrives there by mistake). If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us

NOTICE: Your application is only complete if acceptable documents are uploaded.

Step 4: Check your status page and email often!

Allow at least 2 weeks from the time you apply for us to review and process your documents. Keep an eye on your e-mail and Liko A'e application status page to see if your documents have been accepted. Please check your email first before calling our office.

What next?

Undergraduate students selected to receive a scholarship will be notified via email in June 2015.

This year Graduate students will be required to go through an interview process before a final selection will be made. In June 2015, graduate students being considered for an award will be contacted via email to schedule an interview. After all interviews are completed, graduate students selected to receive a scholarship will be notified via email in July 2015.

Until then we advise you do the following:

  • Frequently check for correspondence from Liko A'e at the email address you used to apply.
  • Contact us immediately if your contact information has changed. Also make sure to keep your profile contact information up to date.