How to Reduce Cost on Air Conditioning and Other HVAC Hacks

It is very normal for a person to always complain on his electricity bills. Electricity plays a very important role in day to day living of every person’s life. Without electricity, different machines would not work, as well as with establishment and offices. But due to the modern discoveries made by human, there is now a way to reduce the cost of energy consumed.

In Singapore, HVAC or heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning constitutes 30% or more in your electricity bill. Cutting back energy consumption would lead to have a healthy and comfortable environment no matter what the weather is. Even if HVAC is really important, a lot of homeowners still want to know how to save on energy expenses once in a while without sacrificing the performance of the HVAC system. This dilemma has been already solved, thanks to the help of mechanical engineers which specializes in HVAC and energy.  

What are the four ways?

Engineers in Singapore have provided everyone 4 simple ways to be done in reducing the cost of the energy and HVAC consumed. These ways can be used by building operators, homeowners, building owners and etc.

The 4 ways are the HVAC systems, load reduction, Control Systems, and Operation and Maintenance.

Step 1

The first step to optimize air conditioning systems and energy is through load reduction. Once must be open-minded that this step has a long range of plan in order to make sure that the investment being invested is worth it.

First thing to do is to add insulation and tightening of the building shell. Adding insulation may not always be applicable, so the exterior shell must first to be adding the shell the doors and windows must always be focused. It is also best to install energy-efficient windows. In looking for this one, choose the double pane windows which has thermal break.

Step 2

The second in line is the HVAC systems. Knowing the system is a must because it is interrelated to the interior environment. Each year the efficiency of the system of the HVAC would always increase. If the system has been used for 13 years it is better to plan ahead of time to purchase another one. Even if most systems has a life span of 15 years and so, it can’t guarantee whether it would still work or not.

Step 3

The third step to be able to achieve the cost reduction is through controlling the system. There are two ways to control it – programmable thermostats and DDC system. The latter is used for large commercial building and has the ability to install simple systems and add an additional control into it. The programmable thermostats on the other hand are best use for small commercial buildings and homeowners.

Step 4

Lastly is the operation and maintenance. The most effective systems are those that are properly maintained. In doing so, one can ask help from qualified mechanics. They can always maintain the HVAC system and ensures efficiency, reliability, and a long life for the HVAC systems.