The T Shirt Culture in Singapore

Some say your fashion statement reflects your personality. People judge you based on what you wear, as your clothing options say a lot about you. Having a good fashion sense also helps you make a better impression, especially when applying for work, or meeting clients, or even just hanging out with new people. Putting more thought into what you wear and actually looking successful makes people believe that you are. Looking clean and well-dressed makes people want to give you a chance more, than if you looked like a homeless hobo.

Shirts have been a common clothing figure through the years. A lot of people use t shirts to make statements that can easily be seen. With this, the t shirt printing industry has become a popular thing.

In Singapore, one of the popular t shirt printing companies is Butter Prints. On their website, they even give a list of step by step procedures to print a design on a t shirt. First, choose a t shirt material and a t shirt printing method. Some printing methods include hand painting, spray painting, airbrushing, silk screen printing, digital printing and heat transfer printing. The second step is submitting your t shirt design and getting a quote. Third, you have to approve their t shirt design proposal, and last, you’ll receive the freshly printed t shirts. Other popular Singapore t shirt printing companies include The Teeser T Shirt Printing and Imprinted Express T Shirt Printing.

The printed t shirt has been a part of modern life so much that most people don’t even bother considering its history. The garment was originally intended to be a man’s undergarment, to be worn under military uniform or a suit. Textile printing, however, has appeared in history way before t shirts. The oldest found method was woodblock printing, in 3rd century China. This is done by carving a design on wood, dipping it on ink and pressing the inked wooden design into the fabric. Other less time and effort-consuming methods were developed during the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution
Custom shirts began to gain popularity in the early 1950’s. This happened when several companies in Miami, Florida decorated t shirts with names of local resorts and other tourist attractions. This is also around the same time silk screen printing has developed.
According to an article made by Clive Thompson on Wired, the t shirt printing industry makes a good amount of money. T shirt printing is a $20 million dollar industry every year. By starting this kind of business, you should consider the following: the kind of heat press machine you want to use, what you have to do to make your brand stand out, and your market and retail pricing. You also need to consider where to sell your products. Some entrepreneurs have taken their businesses to online platforms like eBay, Shopify and the likes. Some said that an online t shirt printing shop is more profitable because you can do it out of the comfort of your own home, and have customers all over the world order from you anytime. If you want to start your own t shirt printing business, consult more people with expertise in the business.